AEWG-63: Houston, TX, May 16-18, 2022


AEWG-63: Meeting Announcement

The Conference will be held in

Houston, TX, USA

May 16-18, 2022

AEWG general meetings are open to all interested individuals.

Alan G. Beattie
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The meeting is open to all individuals interested in acoustic emission technology and applications.

Welcome Message

I am pleased to inform you that the 63rd Acoustic Emission Working Group (AEWG) meeting will be held in Houston from May 16 to 18, 2022.

The AEWG-63 is scheduled to be an in-person meeting. We will enable virtual participations and presentations for those who cannot travel due to restrictions and/or for those who choose not to travel for other reasons. We will also continue to monitor related announcements and measures and will provide updates as needed.

The venue is Stress Engineering Services, Inc. Conference Center Houston, Texas. The meeting will introduce current state-of-the-art AE instruments and research trends such as quantitative AE, advanced sensor technologies, novel signal processing approaches and large-scale AE testing applications. There will be Primer on AE Applications in Oil and Gas Industry. More details will be provided below when available.

Best Regards,  

Napoleon Douglas,
AEWG-63 Chairman and
the AEWG Committee


Talks describing AE applications in any field, as well as advances in AE fundamentals, sensing, and signal processing, are invited. In keeping with the working group character of the meeting, discussion of work in process is particularly welcome.  Students may submit an extended abstract for consideration for the AEWG Student Award.

Topics will cover all the areas of acoustic emission research, development and applications, including but not limited to:
  • Wave propagation of AE source mechanisms
  • Infrastructure and health monitoring
  • AE for composites
  • Advances in AE instrumentation and sensors
  • AE for materials/structure damage mechanics
  • AE applications for large scale structural testing
  • Novel signal processing approaches
  • Material research, fracture and fatigue failure mechanisms
  • Geosciences and rock mechanics
  • Orthopedics and biomechanics
  • Manufacturing applications
  • Diagnostic techniques & procedures
  • Codes and standards development
  • AE theories, methods, validation and verification

Workshop themes:

  • Acoustic Emission instrumentation, data processing and nondestructive/structural health monitoring applications
  • Acoustic Emission for materials/structural damage monitoring and identification
  • Analytical, numerical and computational modeling as well as validation of Acoustic Emission source and wave propagation effects



Meeting date: May 16-18, 2022
Program: Mon, May 16, 2022:
Primer on Acoustic Emission in Oil and Gas Industry at AM, Welcome reception & Social at PM

Tue, May 17, 2022:
Technical presentations, panel discussions, session for vendor presentations, dinner at PM

Wed, May 18, 2022:
Technical presentations, panel discussions, AEWG business meeting ending by 5:00pm, tour

Download full agenda: AEWG-63-Agenda (PDF, 120 KB, as of May 06, 2022)
Call For Abstracts: Talks describing AE applications in any field, as well as advances in AE fundamentals, sensing, and signal processing, are invited.  In keeping with the working group character of the meeting, discussion of work in process is particularly welcome. As the 60th anniversary of AEWG is approaching, historical or retrospective talks on AE theory, technology, and personalities are particularly welcomed.
  • Abstract submission deadline extended to April 15, 2022
  • Please send your abstract to and
  • The language used in this event is English, so please write your paper in English.The author will be notified within one month after submission of the papers.
Adrian Pollock
Student Award
Students are encouraged to submit a paper for Adrian Pollock Student Award Competition consideration.
Venue Information: Stress Engineering Services, Inc.
Conference Center Houston, Texas
Registration: The registration fee includes two days of meeting sessions, social event on May 16, banquet on May 17, coffee and lunch breaks. The virtual registration includes participating live broadcasting of technical presentations, vendor presentations and business meeting.
  • General Registration: $275
  • Student Registration: $175
  • Virtual Registration: $50
Registration for AEWG-63
Hotel Information: Discount Rate at Homewood Suites by Hilton until May 1, 2022
A discounted rate of US $109 per night is available at the Homewood Suites by Hilton, located at 13110 Wortham Center Dr. Houston TX 77065.

Book at Homewood Suites
Keynote Speaker:
Dr. Ripi Singh
Dr. Ripi Singh is now a purposeful innovation coach with a lifetime of learning in technology, people, and process development. It all started with aging airplane program in 1992 as a post doc fellow at Georgia Tech. Decades of his research work on fatigue and fracture, damage tolerance, human factors in NDE is well published and frequently referred to. Ripi is now working hard to bring industry 4.0 perspective and innovation processes to the NDE community and the local startup eco-system: with his virtual coaching lectures and articles. Ripi serves on various university advisory boards, US delegation to ISO 56000 on Innovation Management, and International Association of Innovation Professionals. Ripi is an author of 10 books, over 100 peer-reviewed publications, and dozens of invited keynote lectures.
Ripi and Johannes have produced the book – “The World of NDE 4.0”.

NDE 4.0 - How to build your Digitalization Roadmap

Abstract: Digital transformation, in any sector, is a massive change. NDE is no different. Like any major change, It requires defining purpose, vision, strategy, success metrics, and a roadmap. It requires leadership commitment, dedicated team, resources, and continuous review and adjustment.

This presentation will cover WHY and HOW of NDE 4.0, in a manner that helps you decide WHAT makes sense for you and how to build your own roadmap to stay current with changing times.  This topic and presentation has been evolving within ASNT community since 2018, when Ripi Singh first introduced the term as a part of his invited lecture on “Creating a Trend Setting Vision for NDE”  The presentation will soon be released as an official “NDE 4.0 Roadmap Guidance” written in ISO style, for ease of broad usage. 
Meeting Host and
Program Chair:
Napoleon Douglas
    Stress Engineering
    Sr. Associate    AET Level II
    +1 (281) 955-2909 Office
    +1 (713) 557-9609 Cell

Co-Chairs: Dr. Didem Ozevin and Dr. Valery Godinez


54  years passed since the first meeting of Acoustic Emission Working Group (AEWG) was held in Idaho Falls, on February 8, 1968.
AEWG had its beginning in a discussion between Allen T. Green (then at Aerojet-General Corp., later at Acoustic Technology Group) and Jack Spanner (then at Battelle Northwest). Spanner arranged for a formative meeting of interested parties to be held in Alcoa, TN, on November 2, 1967.
The 12 people in attendance agreed to hold the first meeting in Idaho Falls in three months. At that time, eight others (T. Theodore Anderson, Thomas F. Drouilliard, Robert B. Engle. Robert G. Liptai, O.K. Mitchell, R. Neal Ord. Ronald E. Ringsmith and Richard K. Steele) joined to become the charter members of the AEWG.

The photo is from the AEWG formative meeting; top, from left Robert Moss. Boeing Scientific Research Lab. (Seattle) -deceased; Dwight Parry, Phillips Petroleum (Idaho Falls); Norm K. Sowards, Same; Harold Dunegan -deceised, Lawrence Radillion Lab. (Livermore); Brad H. Schofield, Teledyne Materials Research. (Waltham); Phil H. Hutton. Battelle Northwest (Richland); Allen Green. Aerojet-General Corp. (Sacramento); Herb N. Pederson. Battelle-Northwest (Richland); bottom, from left; Charles Musser, Boeing Michaud (New Orleans) -deceased; Jack Spanner, Battelle-Northwest (Richland)· Julian Frederick. Univ. of Michigan (Ann Arbor) -deceased; Not in picture, Harvey Balderson. Boeing Commercial Aircraft; deceased.  Baldemm took this picture. Also invited to the meeting, but not attended: C. Hartbower, Aerojet-General. W .R. Sturrock. Boeing. C. Tatto, Lawrence Radiation Lab.
More historic pictures...